March 20, 2009

Texas Rockfest -Friday, March 20th Schedule

Texas Rockfest -

March 20 Schedule

Remember... it's all free..because your music shouldn't cost you a dime to hear live.... thanks to INsite and Texas Rockfest.

Addresses of all Rockfest Venues:
TRF Outdoor 1Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
TRF Outdoor 2Texas Rock Fest7th & Neches, Austin, TX
Treasure IslandRockFest Club Stage 1413 E 6th St, Austin, TX
MugshotsRockFest Club Stage 2407 E 7th St., Austin, TX
Pure - Songwriter StageSinger / Songwriter Stage409 E 6th St, Austin, TX
Fuel - Hip Hop StageHip-Hop/R&B Stage607 Trinity St, Austin, TX
HML OutdoorTexas Rock Fest7th & Trinity, Austin, TX
MalaiaMalaia300 E 6th st, Austin, TX


Roc BoxFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:00:00 PM
T-SoloFuel - Hip Hop Stage5:30:00 PM
BornFuel - Hip Hop Stage6:00:00 PM
BDSFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:00:00 PM
Durrty BoiFuel - Hip Hop Stage7:30:00 PM
Block Head EnT.Fuel - Hip Hop Stage8:00:00 PM
Cliqued UpFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:15:00 PM
M-OneFuel - Hip Hop Stage8:30:00 PM
Big HerbFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:00:00 PM
J-StavoFuel - Hip Hop Stage9:30:00 PM
Lilian BorundaFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:00:00 PM
Wise GuyFuel - Hip Hop Stage10:30:00 PM
HellrazaFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:00:00 PM
Daka YounginFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:15:00 PM
Knucke Up ClickFuel - Hip Hop Stage11:30:00 PM
JarvisFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:00:00 AM
Steve VictoryFuel - Hip Hop Stage12:30:00 AM
Country BoyFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:00:00 AM
Mark TwangFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:15:00 AM
Yung MavrickFuel - Hip Hop Stage1:30:00 AM

FadedMalaia2:45:00 PM
RagsyMalaia3:30:00 PM
QuartershackleMalaia4:15:00 PM
Hazard of the IndustryMalaia5:00:00 PM
KreisorMalaia5:45:00 PM
State and MadisonMalaia6:30:00 PM
Adrenaline FactorMalaia7:15:00 PM
Cantina FlysMalaia8:00:00 PM
Dead Men DreamingMalaia8:45:00 PM
Exit 380Malaia9:30:00 PM
ButcherwhiteMalaia10:15:00 PM
MarashinoMalaia11:00:00 PM
Dirty HeadsMalaia11:45:00 PM
The LuchagorsMalaia12:30:00 AM
The New UpMalaia1:15:00 AM

Dheepa ChariMugshots2:00:00 PM
Nimesh GandhiMugshots2:30:00 PM
LanceMugshots3:00:00 PM
Have Gun Will TravelMugshots3:30:00 PM
Alana AmramMugshots4:00:00 PM
Chris from MoxxyMugshots4:30:00 PM
LedaswanMugshots5:00:00 PM
Ryan HolleyMugshots5:30:00 PM
Isaac form heroineMugshots6:00:00 PM
NipseyMugshots6:30:00 PM
Avi WisniaMugshots7:15:00 PM
Spoiled RoyalsMugshots8:00:00 PM
The Upper EchelonMugshots8:45:00 PM
WriterMugshots9:30:00 PM
The UrbanitesMugshots10:15:00 PM
Atomic AliveMugshots11:00:00 PM
James SpeerMugshots11:45:00 PM
RagsyMugshots12:30:00 AM
Jonathan StarkMugshots1:15:00 AM

Michael BlasTreasure Island2:00:00 PM
Country WillieTreasure Island2:45:00 PM
CourierTreasure Island3:30:00 PM
Man AutomaticTreasure Island4:15:00 PM
Paris GreenTreasure Island5:00:00 PM
Kieran Ridge BandTreasure Island5:45:00 PM
DentedTreasure Island6:30:00 PM
KanudeTreasure Island7:15:00 PM
Cast of KingsTreasure Island8:00:00 PM
Fortress of AttitudeTreasure Island8:45:00 PM
The Boy BathingTreasure Island9:30:00 PM
Rude RachelTreasure Island10:15:00 PM
Sixes and EightsTreasure Island11:00:00 PM
the Banner YearTreasure Island11:45:00 PM
TrebucheTTreasure Island12:30:00 AM
SquintTreasure Island1:15:00 AM


Special GuestTRF Outdoor 12:00:00 PM
Me Talk PrettyTRF Outdoor 13:00:00 PM
Rosemarys GardenTRF Outdoor 14:00:00 PM
CockvandykeTRF Outdoor 15:00:00 PM
White Witch CanyonTRF Outdoor 16:00:00 PM
Cold DecemberTRF Outdoor 17:00:00 PM
CTRLTRF Outdoor 18:00:00 PM
AshburyTRF Outdoor 19:00:00 PM
Oh JulietTRF Outdoor 110:00:00 PM
Dremnt The EndTRF Outdoor 111:00:00 PM
DC4TRF Outdoor 112:00:00 AM
Broken TeethTRF Outdoor 11:00:00 AM

Dirty HeadsTRF Outdoor 22:30:00 PM
PowderburnTRF Outdoor 23:30:00 PM
RagsyTRF Outdoor 24:30:00 PM
The CulpritTRF Outdoor 25:30:00 PM
Lavish GreenTRF Outdoor 26:30:00 PM
FolioTRF Outdoor 27:30:00 PM
Vinyl DharmaTRF Outdoor 28:30:00 PM
Shorelines EndTRF Outdoor 29:30:00 PM
MeriwetherTRF Outdoor 210:30:00 PM
EmberTRF Outdoor 211:30:00 PM
Eddie Fingers OjedaTRF Outdoor 212:30:00 AM
Crank Country DaredevilsTRF Outdoor 21:30:00 AM

Seasons AfterHML Outdoor2:00:00 PM
Divide The DayHML Outdoor2:45:00 PM
DirtfootHML Outdoor3:30:00 PM
James SpeerHML Outdoor4:15:00 PM
The LuchagorsHML Outdoor5:00:00 PM
Inward EyeHML Outdoor5:45:00 PM
For Every DayHML Outdoor6:30:00 PM
The Last Place You LookHML Outdoor7:15:00 PM
Nothing MoreHML Outdoor8:00:00 PM
BroadmooreHML Outdoor8:45:00 PM
Monte MontgomeryHML Outdoor9:30:00 PM
Monte MontgomeryHML Outdoor10:15:00 PM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor11:15:00 PM
InitstringHML Outdoor12:00:00 AM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor12:45:00 AM
Arc AttackHML Outdoor1:30:00 AM

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