March 21, 2006

The funny/odd things I saw/said/did/heard during SXSW

I had an e-mail from a friend of mine who misses the funny stuff I write on my Notes From The Cubicle… so I’m going to spout off a little list.. just for you.. Hoot.

The funny/odd things I saw/said/did/heard during SXSW

- While interviewing a band… the member going a long way to separate religion and spirituality... And doing so very well I may add… but dude…at the end of the day…the song IS about having sex with Jesus… right?

- After losing my spot to interview a band I was supposed to be booked for… I went to the artist area to collect a free beer and there was an interesting array of freebies on display… separately not so weird.. together… well… Fritos. Shiner Bock beer (keg), Red Bull, Rum, Water, Katsup, and Converse Tennis Shoes (2 cases of them). I have a new pair off Black Converse.. Yeah.

- After seeing a band, Goodwin, that I’d heard before but never saw, I went up to the lead singer and said, “Wow, I thought you were a fat white dude.” He is a thin Hispanic guy. He didn’t know how to respond… and I wasn’t sure where to go from there… luckily I was called away soon after.

- On Friday night I was walking to my truck when I came across a dude trying to wake his girlfriend up… she had passed out in the middle of the driveway of the parking garage I was parked in… she was dressed rather nicely too… probably about 22-24 in high heels.. made up nicely… except for the fact that she had lost all bladder control and there was a steady line of pee from her down the decline of the garage… she woke up enough to move to the side and I left…

- I fell for the “watch for slap” sign written on someone’s hand…. Twice.

- I think I caught a worker for SXSW smile.

- I think I caught a worker for Texas Rockfest smile once…Actually the dude in the drink tent at the outdoor stage on 6th and Trinity was one cool cat. We BSed between sets a few times.

- I was very impressed by the folks on the street.. the patrons of all the clubs. I weaved my way through a lot of crowds to get pictures and not one time did someone give me attitude.. and lots of times people actually moved back and made room for me. Rock on.

- The lady behind the counter at The Littlefield Center market (6th and Brazos) was a friggin riot. She had the right degree of attitude and humor. You never knew what she was going to say next… she tipped herself with one persons change… “Now, this, I’m keeping!”

- Free stuff abounded… I got 2 shirts, the converse I mentioned before, about 12 CDs, stickers, pins, posters (limited edition from Dirty Dog from Friday… anyone want one? Magic Numbers headlined), hats, koozies, beer, energy drinks, food… IT WAS AWESOME! I wish it was every week.

- Junkyard Mary’s spontaneous spouting of Janis Joplin’s “Mercedes Benz” was great when the sound guy was screwing them during their Treasure Island set.

- Cool t-shirts I saw
o Stop Staring At My Shirt
o I’m With The Band (lead singer of a band)
o SXSWSUCKS (worn by drummer of band playing an official SXSW showcase)
o The staff shirts of SXSW had a rooster with it’s head cut off… the Dizzy Rooster wasn’t an official venue for SXSW…they were always full and the place for the Austin Indie Alliance showcases. Coincidence? Speculate.

- Oh.. and there were a couple of bands wearing their own t-shirt. That’s a no-no…

- I saw a 3 or 4 year-old kid with large headphones on (for protection) jamming to Pong…from outside the club. Rock on.

- I was carded everywhere. I told one bouncer.. “man. I guess I shouldn’t have gotten a haircut before SXSW…” to which the person next to the boucer said, “Oh.. don’t worry, he cards 50 year-olds.” Thanks.

- I played "waiter" for a couple of bands... I brought Band Marino (who played Dizzy Rooster on 3/16) a glass of water and I served Rockstar Energy Drink to Ecchoset (at an outside stage at 6th and Trinity). Keeps me humble.

It was a good week... in fact the dude from Best Week Ever was there... I may be on TV in the background this Friday. If they air the street-scene on 6th street.. some freestyle rap contest... look for me.

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