March 18, 2011

Five Music Lunches in Austin (Day 5 - 3/18/11) Mike Primeau @ Trophy's (Whoopsy!)

All week I'm going to catch a live band every day at lunchtime. My mission.... get to a show, take a video.. take photos... and get back to work.

I'm trying to hit a different venue each day.

ANYONE living in Austin can take advantage of live, free music this week. Pack a lunch.. eat it on the way (or attend a show where they serve food).

Friday 3/18/11 
(Punk knows no schedule) I decided to make yesterday good... and I jammed down to Trophy's (2008 S. Congress) to catch the beginnings of Day 2 of the 6th Annual Whoopsy! Magazine Anniversary Birthday Bash.

Best line was while waiting for one of the bands to start.. one of the patrons (pretty sure it was this guy) said to someone "I wish I could go back in time and punch your mother for deciding against abortion." I know.. it's wrong.. but quite possibly the funniest thing I've heard all week.... maybe you had to be there.

Anyhow, walked in about 12:20p as American Pinup was setting up. They were supposed to go on at noon. So, I wandered back to the backyard area (Stage 2) and Mike Primeau was setting up. Slated to start at 12:30p. I thought, he'd be a good bonus to catch after American Pinup, which was the band that brought me to Trophy's during lunch.

I wish I could tell you how American Pinup was. All I can say was, they were there. I saw the lead singer finishing up her set list at 12:15... I heard a few notes coming from inside at about 12:30... but by that time I was taking photos and video of Mike Primeau. After Mike did 2 songs, I headed inside to catch 'em... but they were gone. Under the muffled voices I think I figured out that the bar gave them a set time... and it didn't matter when they started, they were going to end at the same time (a policy that makes sure the following band doesn't get gipped for time).

So... let me tell you about Mike Primeau. From what I saw, this Austin-based singer-songwriter is doing his best to achieve the Tom Waits sound. He even pulls off the hat and soul patch. I couldn't find a Website or Facebook Band page for him... pretty much I only found him on a youtube channel... where he has a video up there doing a Tom Waits cover.

There are very few people who can pull off the Tom Waits sound.. There's Tom Waits... and then... well... that about covers it. OK, that's not fair. A similar sound comes from folks like Scott H. Biram and Possessed By Paul James, but they put a spin on it to own the sound. I'm interested to see what spin Mike ends up putting on his sound.

What do you think? Here's a video and some photos.

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