December 25, 2010


(This is Week 14 of my Fifty-Two Weeks of Music Do-It-Yourself advice)

Week 14: Do You What I See?
OK y'all. This is the week of Christmas. Instead of writing an article, I'm going to share a few "music related" cartoons. You may think I'm slacking off (and you'd be half right) but think about it. You can actually learn from these jokes. THIS is how some people in the public perceive music and musicians (it's funny because it's true).

Could any of these comics be about you or your band?
Are you there stereotype or the exception to the rule?
Are you the punchline?

If yes... you need to reassess your commitment to music...unless you're cool with being a joke (some bands are cool with it... and that's fine).
If no... congrats, you're going to find these funny... hopefully.

OK.. I need to stop being serious. Just enjoy and have yourself a Merry Christmas.

The Buckets
From The Buckets
From: Toothpaste For Dinner
From: Super Poop

From Frazz

From Herman

Jump Start
From Jump Start

Big Nate
From Big Nate


What The Duck
From What The Duck

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