June 24, 2010

Week 42: Indofin - 2x Broken

(This is week 42 of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project)  

“I’ve got sunshine on my mind. I’ve got a heart so hard to find. I’ve got troubles no one cares to know” - Sunshine

2x Broken
Nonprofit Boozer

Fresh from a trip to the Wakarusa Festival in Ozark, Arkansas, the guys in Indofin are gearing up for the release of their second full-length studio release 2x Broken. If you are a fan of the dirty-reggae-punk sound that Sublime’s live shows were chock full of, you’ll be a fan of this Austin three-piece.

The 12 tracks that make up this record combined come in at just over 30 minutes of what I would term as throwback reggae-punk music. Leading off with the distortion-driven “Honey,” the album’s sound is established early. The crawling reggae sound continues on such tracks as “Whatever,” “Nonprofit,” and “Riverside.” And songs like “Blue Light,” “Princess,” and “Missing Me” operate at a nice reggae-jam speed.

The vocals of T.J. Huerta are decidedly imperfect, but it’s very fitting for the tracks that comprise the album. The songs are full of regret and hearbreak. Apparently someone broke his heart good. But, the album is also a celebration of coming out the other side, in personal relationships and as a band. I think “Sunshine” is the key track to prove this point.

My favorite track on 2x Broken is a track called “Fingerfight.” The two minute jam is led by the crisp guitarwork of Huerta. The bass-line of Albert Huang keeps the song flowing while the percussion of Donny Mann brings it all together. 
Enough with all this posturing, fingerfighting fist a cuffs I got myself an ex-girlfriend / enough with all the apologizing, If you don't so I'm probably gonna do the same / I'm feeling like a bird in a cage when you come by to say hi you take this pain away / I pray, and I pray.”
The album ends with “2x Broken” that begins as a classic country song before it leads into a punk rock jam that would make the Dropkick Murphys proud.

If you’ve been through a rough break-up this album may serve as therapy, and as I stated at the beginning of this review if you are/were a Sublime fan, you’ll ikely find yourself at home with Indofin.

They are releasing 2x Broken on July 13, and will have a hometown release party at an INsite Night on Friday July 16 at Encore (611 Red River) with The Buzzkillers, Under The Gun and Root Dimension. If you’re an early bird, they will be on your television between 7-9a playing Fox 7's Good Day Austin on July 16 as well.

You can pick up the album at the show, or if you can’t make it download it on Amazon.com or order it via their website - http://indofinmusic.com/

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Indofin said...

Hey Sean thanks for all the help last month, Indofin will be featuring a free download off the new record each month, exclusively on our bandcamp page. This month's song is "Honey"

Download Honey