June 2, 2010

Bands - Want to open for KISS?

Seems KISS is still on the forefront of self-promotion. For the record.. I am a HUGE fan of the merchandising animal that KISS is. I used to be a ginormous fan of their music as well....and anytime I can see them live it's an experience. A great one. The fire.. the glitz... the "you wanted the best and you got the best" of it all.

Anyhow... they have gotten together with Guitar Center and are "giving away" an opening slot on one of their 22 dates... which includes dates in Houston (9/17), and Dallas (9/18), and San Antonio (9/19). Oh.. if you win... I'd totally go to the San Antonio Show and shoot photos of your performance... I'm just saying.

Information is at http://gconstage.com/
Some of the information includes:
Register (it's free!) to compete in one city on KISS's tour (bands can only register in one city and will not be able to switch cities) 
The top 5 bands with the most Demands will be reviewed by KISS, and KISS will select the final winning band 
Winning bands are responsible for their own transportation, lodging, and production costs 
The best of the 22 bands as chosen by KISS will win a $10,000 Guitar Center shopping spree!
Here's the YouTube video announcement:

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