May 20, 2010

Week 37: Righteous Brisket - Butcher’s Brew

(This is week 37 of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project) 
“Is there a second chance deep in your heart baby look and see / ‘cause being alone at 3 a.m. is killing me.” – It’s 3a.m.

Righteous Brisket
Butcher’s Brew
Big Beard Records

If you prefer your beer from a can, your music southern-fried, and your Skynyrd and ZZ Top cranked up to eleven, you’re going to enjoy Righteous Brisket’s debut release Butcher’s Brew.

The album kicks off with the pop-top of a beer opening… and then goes into the mullet-and-Skoal anthem “Redneck SOB” which showcases lead singer Aaron Seymour’s imperfect-but-fitting outlaw country voice.  

The ablum continues though 40 minutes of southern rock spanning 10 tracks.  There’s the yeah-she’s-basically-a-bitch-but –I-love-her song “Christine.” Bassist John Duer takes the lead vocal duties on the road-warrior track, “White Lines,” that scores big points by mentioning my hometown of Laredo. “Tennessee Wiskey” is a rock driven blues track that would get Billy Gibbons to smile approvingly. If you’ve ever been in that position where you’re not sure if the relationship is over or not, “It’s 3a.m.” will speak to you.

Other than “Redneck SOB” my favorite track on Butcher’s Brew has got to be “Rusty and Bent.” It’s one of those songs about embracing the negatives and hoping love will still prevail. “Maybe she’ll see, I’m not the best she’s had / I’m not so bad / need a chance / to prove to her / that I can be / better than / the worst man she knows.”

A bonus on the album is the closer. Their cover of Cheap Trick’s “Surrender”  is pretty darn awesome.

These four guys aren’t looking to make it big, they all seem pretty happy with their lives. They’ve all run the gamut of bands throughout their career thus far from The Men From Nantucket to Nooner to Shelli Coe to bySaturday.  They’ve pretty much settled down but when there’s an itch it needs to be scratched.

And singer/guitarist Aaron Seymour, bassist John Duer, lead guitarist Waco Jake Spelman, and drummer Tim Brown chose to scratch that itch by jamming together which led to the formation of Righteous Brisket (named after Seymour’s claim to make amazing brisket… and I only say “claim” because he’s not invited ME to a BBQ) and that led to the recording of Butcher’s Brew.

Check them out online at their Myspace page or their Facebook page. They released Butcher’s Brew earlier this month. They will play next in June at Austin’s Red Shed Tavern (6/18) and then a benefit show at Cedar Creek’s Cindy’s Gone Hog Wild (6/19).

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