May 6, 2010

Week 35 (a) - Kyle Park - Spring 2010 EP

Spring 2010 EP

Austin-based singer-songwriter Kyle Park has just released a four-song EP to bring in the Spring appropriately, Spring 2010.

His EP offers up four perfectly-polished for country radio tracks splitting the themes between lost love and moving on.

If you’re on the “breaking up was a mistake” side, the first and last songs are for you. The EP leads off with “Missing You” the stuck-in-the-past lament for a love lost. “And did you know that every night when I fall asleep / Every one of my dreams involve missing you / and every day that I’m awake I’m missing you.” And Spring 2010 ends on a somber note with the regretful “Any Day or Night.”

Perhaps you subscribe to the “better off without her” side of the story. Well, the middle two tracks have your name all over them. There’s the temporary lover replacement plan of “Prove It To You” (which is the single) and the nothing-was-real track entitled “Fake Smile.”

It almost seems therapy for the broken hearted. I don’t know if Park went through a break-up recently but these four offerings penned all or partly by him would make a good case for it. They are well written and a good listen. If you’ve found yourself on either side of a break-up you may see a little part of you in it as well.

I actually had a chance to interview Kyle Park a few years back (October 2009) before he played a gig in my hometown of Kyle at Gregg-Clarke Park (Kyle Park at the Park). If you’d like to read that interview go here.

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