May 6, 2010

Week 35 (b) - DC Bloom - Cinco de Star-oh

 This is week 35b of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project)

D.C. Bloom
Cinco De Star O EP

This Texas-based singer-songwriter is a gem. I’ve known of him since his time in the band The Dog Waggers, and ever since DC Bloom moved to the area a few years ago I’ve gotten to know him. He’s even written for INsite. He’s got a bent view on life and a way with words both unconventional and entertaining (which is why he interviewed Kathy Griffin for INsite). His one-liner updates on his Facebook are enough to keep you in stitches, and his songs are both a hoot and make you think. With his second solo release, the EP Cinco de Star-oh! He serves up five tracks of tongue-in-cheek Americana music.

The album begins with the been-there-done-that song about being downsized “I Used To Live In Comfort in Comfort.” It then kicks into a Elizabeth Wills duet “Luby’s Sweet Tease” about an interesting flirtation exchange between a plumber and a waitress. In “Crew Cabbin’ Fever” Bloom mentioned just about every type of truck in the world.

Of course, a Texas-based country CD wouldn’t be complete without a nod to the women of the Lone Star State. In “A Texas Woman Like You” he covers that, while taking you on a little tour of the US. “California’s got the starlets, it’s Hollywood and Vine / Take a drive along the coast, stop at vineyards, drink the wine / It’s silicon and silicone in valleys, yes, it’s true / But I prefer those natural Texas women, with Lone Star flag tattoos”

Most of the CD is comical, but the last track, a lost-love track entitled “Abilene Blues,” gets serious. It’s a live offering that comes off good but not polished.

In fact, none of these songs are perfectly polished, but it’s a nice taste of what DC Bloom offers. Some good-ol humor-infused Americana country music. It reminds me of the stuff that I’ve heard from Al Barlow (“Peanut Butter Jar”) and some of Terri Hendrix’s early tracks (“Dana Blues”). 

He's also got a nice sample of whos-who in area music as players on this album.Folks like Lloyd Maines, Chip Dolan, Warren Hood, Chrissy Flatt and the aforementioned Wills also lend a voice or instrument.

You should do youself a favor and take a listen to Bloom sometime. He’s playing tonight at Poodiefest tonight in Spicewood, the Whip-In Beer Garden in Austin on May 15, and again on May 18 at Gig on the Strip in San Antonio. To check him out online, check

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