March 26, 2010

Week 29 - Broken Teeth - Viva La Rock Fantastico

(Week 29 of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks)
“I don’t want to know your name / When you walk into the room tonite.
Just want to watch you dance, watch you prance, burn the room... 
You're gonna get it right.”
-       Twister

Broken Teeth
Viva La Rock Fantastico
Perris Records

Long live rock. Long live Broken Teeth. With Viva La Rock Fantastico Jason McMaster (Watchtower, Dangerous Toys) and company has reemerged from the dark recesses of the Red River scene to remind us that a rock show should be a screaming, sleezy party with plenty of guitar solos.

With songs like the title track (which features guest vocals by Danko Jones) “All Hail The Alter” and “Exploder” it’s apparent that Broken Teeth has one thing in mind – the preservation and celebration of straight-up fist-in-the-air rock and roll. Metal church is in session and Rev. McMaster is at the pulpit.

Of course, a good sleeze-rock record wouldn’t be complete without the songs about the ladies (“Twister” and “Bullet”) and aggression (“Spitting Nails”) to round it out.

My personal favorite track on Viva La Rock Fantastico would have to be “Big Spender.” It’s one of those songs about people who are rich and throw money around… but then feel guilty. As Broken Teeth put it.. “visit the hungry, visit the fatted calf.”

21 years after Dangerous Toys released their self-titled debut, McMaster shows he’s still got the chops, skills, and desire to bring it. His voice has dropped into a scratchy-growl but it’s strong as ever. I don’t know if the first single “Blackheart” will reach the radio, but man… it’s better than 75% of what’s on there right now so I wish it would.

Even if it doesn’t end up on the radio, people are taking notice of this release. VH1’s Jim Florentine named it as his pick of the week on “That Metal Show” on the March 13, 2010 show. Even a fan made a funny little YouTube video where even Adolf Hitler touts its greatness.

If you like your rock served up charred with a nice AC/DC and Motorhead taste, you’ll be a fan of Viva La Rock Fantastico. Broken Teeth is McMaster (vocals), Jared Tuten (guitars), David Beeson (guitars), Brett McCormick (bass) and Bruce Rivers (drums). This is their fifth release.

They just played two nights of Texas Rockfest, so they’re not going to be playing in town for a few months, but check their website for upcoming shows -

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