February 24, 2010

Austin - Texas SHAM-Rockfest

Tickets - $12 ($20 for minors)
Buy them here: http://tickets.frontgatetickets.com/choose.php?a=1&lid=40082&eid=46694

(The below information is from: http://texasrockfest.com/Shamrockfest.asp

Gates Open at 3PM on Wednesday March 17th
Times - Bands - Stage 1:  Stage 2: 
3:00 PM Travis Larson Band
3:25 PM Uranium Savages
3:50 PM Streetlight Suzie
4:15 PM Yayo Sanchez
4:40 PM Divide the Day
5:05 PM Trashy and the Kid
5:30 PM Cockpit
6:00 PM Ladyjack
6:30 PM Crank County Daredevils
7:00 PM The Last Vegas
7:30 PM Rikk Beatty Band
8:00 PM Razr 13
8:30 PM George Lynch's Souls of We
9:00 PM
9:30 PM One Eyed Doll
10:00 PM Oklahomos
10:30 PM Agony Column
11:00 PM
11:30 PM LA Guns
12:00 AM
12:30 AM Faster Pussycat
1:00 AM
1:30 AM Broken Teeth
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Agony Column

Agony Column

I am the undead I met with Death, but I rest not in peace The living world howls my name and will not let me rest I am forced to live on, as the ghost of Texas Hellbilly Death Metal My name is Legion, for we are many We were the Devil Chicken the Crow the Bat Lord the Red Wing Viper.... We had names, and we had minions.

Broken Teeth

Broken Teeth

Austin,Tx. Residence.Formed 1999,in order to deliver real rock n roll to a hungry audience that has been caved in and spoon-fed what has been a falloutboy menu, "If Rock N Roll is safe, it's not real rock"! influenced by Motorhead,AC-DC,Judas Priest ,Danko Jones, and the old school way of loud amps,tight trousers with blood and ale,flowing thru the streets.Jason McMaster-Vocals(WatchTower,Dangerous Toys), Brett McCormick-Bass, Jared Tuten-Guitar,David Roy Beeson-Guitar,Bruce (Brucifer) Rivers-Drums.



Heavy Judas Priest-style guitar riffs? Check. Bass lines stolen from Motörhead and KISS? Check. Fat, punchy AC/DC drums? Check. What more could you ask from a band that promises the return of rock? How about anthem-esque hooks, tasty guitar solos and choruses worthy of an arena? Check, check and most definitely check.

Longing for the days of genuine, straightforward rock when Harley-Davidsons roared down the Sunset Strip and smoking was permitted both indoors and out, the members of Cockpit came together as 2003 rolled into 2004. Each player brought her own individual style and flavor to the table, creating a machine greater than then sum of its parts eliciting aggressive, guitar driven, authentic rock 'n' roll.

As fate would have it, the formation of Cockpit coincided with a pivotal time for the music industry. Gone were generous major label budgets and their desire to develop new talent. At the same time, more and more independent artists were emerging, and attracting attention in a saturated marketplace was becoming more and more difficult.

"It was definitely a challenge. We grew up listening to bands like Aerosmith and Mötley Crüe, multi-platinum bands that sold out arenas and toured the world, and as a result we hold ourselves to high standards!" teases drummer Rachael Rine who, along with lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Linda Lou, lead guitarist Alicia Blü and bassist Terrii Kiing, was prepared for the long road ahead. "We knew we would have to find clever, unique ways to promote ourselves," recounts Linda. "We recognized our potential early on," she continues, "but we also understood that we would have to do all the work ourselves, without the muscle of a major label."

"We signed ourselves to our own 360° deal," jokes Terrii. "We acted as our own management, booking agent, marketing agency, merchandising company, street team, webmaster and bank," she elaborates.

Cockpit's development efforts combined with the band's raucous live sets began to attract fans and industry support. The girls successfully landed opening slots for a multitude of national acts and are one of a select few unsigned bands on the 2008 Rocklahoma bill, a four day hard rock festival in Pryor, OK drawing dedicated rock fans from around the world. Several tracks from Cockpit's soon-to-be-released EP, Mission To Rock, can be heard on CMT's newest series, Chopper Challenge.

"We're excited about how far we've come," declares Alicia, "but even more exciting is the knowledge that releasing our EP will only open more doors. This is just the beginning of many great opportunities for us."

Crank County Daredevils

Crank County Daredevils

"Hailing from the sleazy southern hills of Asheville, North Carolina, the Crank County Daredevils can best be described as the bastard child of Motorhead and early Guns N’ Roses. Their distinctive sound of boot stomping southern sleaze rock n’ roll will leave you begging for more. After several national tours and a few trips across the pond to Europe the fellas in Crank County Daredevils have honed in their rip roaring road show and proven that they are the loudest bunch of gypsies to ever take the stage."

Divide The Day

Divide The Day

Seeking refuge from a stagnant music scene in Southern California, Divide the Day can be best described as hard-hitting, ass-shaking, Dirty Western Rock! As a group of dedicated young visionaries, the band has independently booked a vast number of full US tours.

Faster Pussycat

Faster Pussycat

Hollywood sleaze rockers Faster Pussycat made their mark in the world with a self-titled debut in 1987 and the 1989 gold album "Wake Me When It's Over", which spawned the hit single and video "House of Pain".

In 2007 Faster Pussycat's classic "Bathroom Wall" was selected for Activision's "Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80's" for Playstation2. These days the band is busy touring.

George Lynch

George Lynch's Souls of We

George Lynch Souls of We is finally back with “Smoke and Mirrors”, the record that all fans have been expecting since the release of their breakthrough album “Wicked Sensation” in 1990! Critics and fans alike praised the album for singer Oni Logan’s hook-laden vocals and George Lynch’s virtuoso guitar playing. Shortly after touring in support of "Wicked Sensation", Logan and the band parted ways.

After seventeen long years Oni Logan and George Lynch are back together and they found again an incredible chemistry that brought them to write some killer new songs. Joining the line-up are dynamic bassist Marco Mendoza (Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy) and drummer Scott Coogan (Brides of Destruction, Ace Frehley). More than a band, this team is guaranteed to create one of the most explosive shows you can ever experience and shines big time on the brand new recording which is set to bring back George Lynch Souls of We on the map of the most exciting Hard Rock bands around!

George Lynch says “"Smoke and Mirrors", is the record we should have put out as a follow up to “Wicked Sensation” ...better late then never I guess”.

With an career that spans over 30 years, George Lynch is one of the most influential guitarist in modern music. In the 1980’s, Lynch’s guitar playing and songwriting catapulted the band Dokken into a highly successful, muti-platinum act. His work with Dokken solidified Lynch as a full-blown guitar hero, earning a Grammy nomination in 1989 for best instrumental. After recording and touring relentlessly through much of the decade, Lynch left Dokken in 1989 to form George Lynch Souls of We.

Lynch continues to inspire a new generation of guitarists and fans all over the world

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns

L.A. Guns started in 1982 as a straightup dirty ass rock n roll band. The band was put together by Tracii Guns in his last year of high school.

The band has had some noteable members such as Axl Rose, Phillip Lewis and Marty Casey, but continues today with band members Jizzy Pearl (the Singer) Jeremy Guns (the Bass Player) Chad Stewart (the Drummer), and of course Tracii Guns (the Guitarist).

L.A. Guns has been a work in progress without an end in sight, continually touring and of course writing and recording a huge variety of rock n roll sounds. Some people believe that L.A. GUNS may be the last true rock n roll band that hasn’t had to rely on outside writers or the help or corporate funding to have continued success.

The success of this band is solely dictated by the loving, intelligent and hell raising fans!!!!!!!


One-Eyed Doll


One-Eyed Doll is the Austin, TX based power-rock-duo led by guitarist and singer Kimberly Freeman.

Razr 13


RAZR 13 is a modern metal band based in Austin, Texas, featuring lead vocalist dUg Pinnick (KINGS X), lead guitarist Big Bald Mike, bassist Ryan 13, and drummer Chris "JRAB" Thomas.

King’s X fans should recognize all three names as Big Bald Mike often provides security at KX shows, Ryan 13 is dUg’s bass tech, and JRAB is Jerry Gaskill’s longtime drum tech and stage manager.

The band's newest addition, Al Shire, is handling live rhythm guitar duties.

The band recorded their debut album in Austin with producer/manager Paul Soroski (PODUNK/SOROSKI ENTERTINMENT).

The Last Vegas

The Last Vegas

The Chicago based, The Last Vegas deliver hi-energy spectacles, with a deliciously trashy, roughed-up edge, eliciting the inner rock star in all of us. Armed with their unbridled, raw talent, The Last Vegas posses the ability to musically beat crowds into submission, leaving fans no choice but to beg for more.

With influences like Johnny Thunders, AC/DC, Black Flag, Misfits, Guns N' Roses and the Sex Pistols, The Last Vegas sought out rambunctious music to get their adolescent blood pumping. The bands' first concerts include Cheap Trick, AC/DC and KISS, influencing them as they grew up in punk rock clubs throughout the local Chicago & Michigan scene.

Uranium Savages

Uranium Savages

Over these last three decades, the Uranium Savages have played with Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dr. Hook, Darryl Rhoades and his HahaVishnu Orchestra, the Austin Lounge Lizards, Joe Ely Jerry Jeff Walker, Timbuk 3, Omar and the Howlers the Rhythm Rats, Doug Sahm, the Sons of Sahm, Augie Myers, Marsha Ball, Ray Campi, Alvin Crow, the Geezenslaw Brothers, Steve Fromholtz, Steam/Extreme Heat, Harry Anderson, Chubby Checker, Balcones Fault, the Big Boys, Bubble Puppy, Shiva’s Head Band, Greezy Wheels, Wavy Gravy, Texoid, John Kelso, Joe ‘King” Carrasco. The Explosives, Esther’s Follies, the Next, Ponty Bone, Beto y los Fairlanes, Ro-tel and the Hot Tomatoes, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Bugs Henderson, Rusty Wier, Tex Thomas, Ben E. King, the Leroi Brothers, Ray Benson, the Texana Dames, the Tailgators, the Cherry-Poppin’ Daddies, Willie Nelsons …and dozens of other wonderful groups.

The Savages have so far as yet only played in the towns of Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Amarillo, South Padre Island, Corpus Christi, Fredericksburg, Nacogdoches, Manor Downs, San Marcos, Luchenbach and Creedmoor. They look forward after their first 30 years to finally playing out of the state of Texas. There have been over 100 of Austin’s finest musicians that have played in the Uranium Savages group - a list to long to enumerate here – but everyone in the Uranium Savages still is proud of the award given to them in the year 2000 by the Austin Chronicle…”The Uranium Savages - The Best Proof That Drugs Don’t Kill You!”


Yayo Sanchez

Yayo Sanchez swerved into the fast lane before he could legally drive. An energetic on-stage dynamo and a slashing fleet-fingered frontman, Yayo was already a rising star by the (under)age of 14. Perhaps even more impressive was the fact he was making his name in the highly competitive, world-renowned music scene of his hometown turf in Austin, Texas. “I was 9 when my Dad bought me my first Kiss CD,” Yayo says, while also citing such influences as Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Black Sabbath and Motley Crue. “I was immediately obsessed.

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