May 16, 2008

Austin Band Tungsten Coil gets Gear Stolen

Tungsten Coil @ Emo's Lounge 5/10/08

On Monday May 12 at 5:30am Austin band, and INsite May Cover story, Tungsten Coil's rehearsal space was broken into (Public Storage 10001 N. IH35 in Austin). Two men made off with a good amount of the band's gear.

- M-Audio Axiom 61-key MIDI Controller (dark grey; 5th volume slider is broken off)
- Roland AX-7 Keytar (white; black duct tape along bottom edge, Tungsten Coil sticker, sanded-down thumb-button on handle) Serial#: ZU48734
- Marshall AVT50H Head - 50watt "AVT Valve State" (black; rip along top, was covered by grey duct tape)
- Big Briar Theremin (black)
- Roland Volume/expression pedal (black; clear tape over volume adjuster knob)
- Yamaha sustain foot pedal (black)
- Ampeg B2RE amp (rack mount; medium grey) Serial#: DGADS50052
- SVT 4x10 Ampeg Cabinet Serial#: DWADS40047
- ESP LTD C305 5-string bass guitar (see-thru blue: could see wood through paint)
- ESP LTD F250 6-string guitar (black; rusted out hardware; Gibson neck pickup)
- Yamaha RGX 520 FX 6-string guitar (red maple top)
- Schecter Hellraiser series 7-string guitar (flat black; 2 marks on back--top and bottom; EMG active pickups)
- 3"x60"x24" carpeted carrying case (black carpet outside, dark grey foam inside)
- 4"x60"x24" carpeted carrying case (black carpet outside, dark grey foam inside)
- 3 Yamaha BR12 black carpeted monitors Serial#: #013934028 13935844 13936600 13936472
- Vanilla 6-plug power strip with "Tungsten Coil" written on the back
- Universal power adapter attached to power strip with zip-ties
- Power supply for Big Briar Theremin attached to power strip with zip-ties
- 15-minute Energizer battery charge
- 2 Whirlwind IMP2 Standard Direct boxes (black, zip-tied together)
- Midiman 2x2 Midi Merge (pink)

Although the video cameras were on.. all they got was fuzzy video.
They have uploaded all of the information they've been able to gather to help a)find their gear and b) bust these 2 individuals who stole it. Click the gear list to go to Tungsten Coils list complete with pictures of gear missing... and other information

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