May 22, 2008

Wiener Dog Races on KLRU's Docubloggers

I went to the Buda Wienerdog Races this year... it was great. I took a few videos of the races just to document it and was going to upload them to my YouTube but for some reason it wouldn't upload. So... today I was talking to someone at work who said that KLRU's Doccubloggers was going to do (or has done) a spot on the races.

Being the Google fiend I am... I went searching. Apparently they were uploading it to their YouTube as we were talking about it. I think I was the first viewer of this particular upload. So... I thought I'd share. It's VERY well done and it captures the idea and excitement that is the Buda Wiener Dog Races.

Hope you enjoy. It was produced by Domenique Bellavia.

What they have to say:
Each year in Buda Texas the Lions Club host the County fair, and one of the featured activities are the wiener dog races. Now, people from all over the US bring their Dachshund to dress up and run!

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