January 16, 2008

Sean Claes Birthday Bash 2/9/08

INsite Managing Editor Sean Claes is turning 35 and we're celebrating with an all-ages show at Austin's Red Eyed Fly. Even if you don't know Sean from Adam (here's a hint... Adam will be the first guy playing at 8:30p.m.... Sean doesn't play piano) you are invited to see some of the best bands in Austin.

The line-up:

  1. 12:30-Language Room:
    Winners of the Music Lab Battle of the Bands in December 2007
  2. 11:30-One Eyed Doll
    Kimberley Freeman will surprise, interest, shock, hate, love, and entertain you... all in one song.
  3. 10:30-The Banner Year
    2008 should be a banner year for The Banner Year. See them now. Ask me about "Monolith"
  4. 9:30-Say When
    Bright, explosively energetic rock from Boston. Yes, Boston is invading Sean's Birthday show. It's OK.. Sean's been on the field at Fenway Park, he's made a snowman at Harvard... hell... his sister works at Harvard. Sean likes Boston. And, you will like Say When.
  5. 8:30-Adam Donmoyer & The Naughty Bits
    R- Rated Alternative Lounge Music. Don't worry, he's not psycho. He's lonely and he only wants to talk. Yes, that is him outside your window.

In addition, the first 50 people in the door get a copy of the first INsite Compilation CD FREE.

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Sean Claes Birthday Bash 2/9/08

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