July 19, 2006

Kevin Smith on Austin/Joel Siegel on Kevin Smith

So, Joel Siegel walked out of a Clerks II screening.
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If that doesn't make someone want to go to the movie, nothing will.

Read my interview with Kevin Smith in INsite's July 2006 issue...on stands August 4.

Sneak preview clip... for all you MySpacers...

Sean Claes: What keeps you doing regional premieres in Austin?
Kevin Smith: I screened Chasing Amy here for SXSW in 1997. I had a really good time doing it. It wasn’t until Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back that we had a screening for the Austin Film Society. It was a great audience with a wonderful Q&A. So, we came back for the next one, Jersey Girl. So when we were working on Clerks II it was a no-brainer.

I totally like doing that. I love the Paramount Theatre. I love the Q&As we do afterwards. The Austin audience is really cool, they don’t let you off easy. It’s not like screening a film at the Toronto film festival where you have to take off like 40-percent of the audience reaction because they like anything. These people, they don’t let you slip by with meager offerings. Also, the calibur of questions are better here than they are other places.

But also, I owe the city of Austin a debt of gratitude because Austin gave us Richard Linklater and Richard Linklater gave us Slacker. Without Slacker I would have never thought about being a filmmaker myself. Coming back here is like going to mecca to some degree. It’s kind of a nice way of saying ‘thanks’ because without this city I would have never been a filmmaker.

So if you hate my shit blame Richard Linklater and blame the city of Austin.

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