July 9, 2006

A Blog About a Story on Blogging on Another's Blog


OK... I used to work at The Laredo Morning Times as a "paste-up" and Advertising designer... the term is "composing."
Well.. I went off and got a degree in journalism and have written for a bunch of places... including some features for The Times.

I also met a lot of cool and interesting people. One of which is Mike McIlvain. He was a reporter at The Times.. then he left... then I left... then we ran into each other at Gruene Hall New years 2002...then we e-mailed back and forth... he worked at The Times again and now he's writing freelance (as am I).

So, he e-mailed me that he was working on a story about blogging for a story in LareDos, a monthly magazine out of Laredo. I gave him a few quotes... and he included them in the story.

For those not in Laredo and who have no access to the June issue... Mike blogged his story about blogging. so I'll link to it, since I'm in it.


He contacted me last week and I was interviewed for a feature on me (as an entertainment writer) in the next issue of LareDos. I'm humbled.

So this is my blog about being included in someone else's blog within a story on blogging.

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