December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas (CD)

The Claes4 Christmas CD Liner Notes

Those who know my wife Jodie and I... you know we have put together a Christmas CD every year for the last 11 years. What we try to do is introduce people to some of our favorite songs that motivated us in the previous year. Many of these songs are from bands/artists from the Austin, TX area.Of course, it's a Christmas CD, so we find a cool/different Christmas track to include (this year there's 3).

We burn 50-100 CDs and make a cover with liner notes. Within the liner notes we drop the link to the band so if you like what you hear.. you can pick up their work... and we sincerely hope you do.

Well.. here is our Christmas 2011 CD liner notes. Hope you enjoy. And if you're a member of one of the bands who are included and you'd like a copy, please shoot me a message.
  1. Magdalena - Ian Moore Band (The First Third)
    This is from a 1995 album that was shelved by the record company and was FINALLY released in 2011. ( 
  2. Racing the Angels - Matraca Berg (The Dreaming Fields)Matraca Berg has been one of my favorite singer/songwriters for almost 20 years. You hear her work on the radio, you just don’t know it. From “Strawberry Wine” to “You and Tequila” she writes a powerful song (and not all are about alcohol). ( 
  3. I’m Not Who I Was - Brandon Heath (Don’t Get Comfortable)
    It’s almost biographical about me. The good news is, I was able to reconnect with a lost friend this year and we realized that we’ve both grown up and neither of us are “who we were.” (
  4. Wiregrass - Stoney LaRue (Velvet)
    Stoney LaRue is one of those singers that has the Americana vibe streaming through his veins. A rock-and-roll storyteller with a country twang. (
  5. Lookin’ For A Job - Todd Snider (The Devil You Know)
    I began this year working for a company that had no respect for me at all. This could have been my theme song for that place (
  6. Back To The Country - John David Kent (John David Kent)
    Saw him at a recording of Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Roots and Branches of Americana” a few months ago. Got his CD & an autograph. (
  7. Let The Good Times Roll - Brandon Rhyder (Live At Billy Bob’s Texas)
    If you’re used to getting our Christmas CDs, you’re used to hearing Brandon Rhyder. This is a studio-track bonus from his 2011 live CD. (
  8. In The Afternoon - Shawn Nelson (San Juan Street)Shawn Nelson was gracious enough to volunteer his time for a Movember concert in Austin I helped book. (
  9. Another Day - D.C. Bloom (New Man)
    A former INsite writer. He’s got a fun-quirky style that I dig. You should too. (
  10. Christmas in Austin – Shelley King (Holiday HAAM JAM V1)This is part of a charity CD that is benefitting the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM). I downloaded this at If you like it, do me a favor and download another song from there. It’s charity. (
  11. Dinosaur For My Birthday - Will Dupuy (Dinosaur For My Birthday)“Mr. Will” was in a band Jodie and I liked…then in 2011 he was the music teacher at Harper’s daycare. If you have kiddos, pick this CD up -
  12. Deck the Halls - Steve Wariner (Guitar Christmas)
    A classic Christmas song done instrumental-style with Steve Wariner’s amazing acoustic guitar work. (
  13. Let It Fade - Jeremy Camp (Beyond Measure)
    Our pastor gave me this CD, which was released in 2006, to listen to about a year or so ago. This song jumped out to me. (
  14. Man Or Muppet - Jason Segel (The Muppets)You know that moment when your childhood meets your children’s childhood and they get along swimmingly? (
  15. Uki-Buki-Kuki-Duki-Fuki-Guki-Huki-Juki Island - The Biscuit Brothers (Get Up & Go)
    This song makes Jodie smile. It’s sung by “Tiny Scarecrow,” one of the supporting characters in The Biscuit Brothers’ kids show. (
  16. Realizando - Grupo Fantasma (El Existential)Our family was one of the few folks that ventured into the Kyle Music Festival this year from the fair grounds and we were privileged to see Grupo Fantasma perform their set. The kids danced. A lot. (
  17. Silly Things - Wild Child (Pillow Talk)
    Usually bands that are getting attention in Austin don’t do it for me, but these guys have that creeping music coupled with some interesting and tongue-in-cheek comical lyrics. (
  18. Postcard From Somewhere Cold -Dead Black Hearts (The Southern Front)
    One of the coolest things about working in Austin is the fact that I get to “discover” co-workers who are in bands. My co-worker Brian is the singer for the Dead Black Hearts. Neat song. (
  19. Beautiful Things – Gungor (Beautiful Things)
    This song has righted me many times this year as I struggled with being unsure of my purpose and potential. (
  20. Shake It Out - Florence + The Machine (Ceremonials)After Gungor sets me straight, this song really helps me get over the things that bother me. (
  21. We Three Kings - Full Service
    Full Service are one of those bands that I’ve come to know rather well over the years. This is a clip they recorded, not really meant to be released but they decided to share online. I thought it’d make a nice end cap to this CD. (

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