November 5, 2010

Response To "NerdyAppleBottom" 11/02/10 Blog

This is a blog response to a blog posted by someone I don't know... the site is and the blog title is My Son Is Gay. The writer blogs as "Cop's Wife" or "Nerdy Apple"

Please go read that before reading below. Really.
I post this as a blog because... well.. I wrote this response to her.. and I bet she'll never get to read is since this morning she's got over 21k responses. So... it's an ego thing for me.. I thought SOMEONE should read it.

I feel so sorry for.... the parents who had that kind of attitude towards a six-year-old child who just wanted to dress up for Halloween. My favorite line of this blog has got to be "Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off." 
I have 2 daughters (3 and 6) and my wife and I have been adamant about not stereotyping their toys and activities Girls don't always have to play with dolls... and boys aren't always going to roughhouse and play basketball... And girls who play with dolls can ALSO roughhouse and play basketball... or not. It's all up to them.
It always saddens me when parents thrust their "grown up preconceived notions" upon kids. I've heard little kids make racist remarks and call other kids names they couldn't have learned on their own.
I'm not a "hippie" parent or a overbearing one.. and it seems like you're doing the same thing. The parents who objected were not "concerned" about this child.. they were projecting the way they felt about a boy dressed as one of girls from the Mystery Machine gang of super sleuths who have saved the day since they were kids. They have let go of the imagination they once possessed as kids and the thought that "YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT."
(By the way...I know.. we can't all be doctors or superheros or firemen or princesses... I'm talking within the capacity of the person)
And he would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling adults.
I hope the kids were more accepting than their adult counterparts. At least we can hope for the next generation.

Oh.. and reading people's response that this woman is being a bad mom for posting her child's photo on the internet in "drag" is just sick. HE'S IN A HALLOWEEN COSTUME! THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT. 

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