August 25, 2010

Week 50b: Emily Shirley - Tiny Truths

(This is week 50b of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project)  

“I have moments of brilliance / But they’re rare
Easier to shine / When you’re standing there.
Come on honey / Take me away
Let me show you / How I like to play.”
- Earnest

Emily Shirley
Tiny Truths

In the online bio that Emily Shirley has up on CD Baby she explains the reason she is a musician. “I write songs because I don't have a choice. It's a necessary form of creative expression that I'm passionate about - and it's brought about tremendous connection throughout the course of my life and career.”

Her Tiny Truths EP was released in July 2010 and thank God she has no choice to write songs, because the five songs she performs on this record is a wonderful addition to the great song of life.

She has passion. She writes with conviction. She delivers with a Meredith Brooks /Alanis Morissette / Nelly McKay vibe. On the initial track, “Flowers” she paints a picture about life using the analogy of a person who’s the anti-green thumb (I can relate).  She continues with the laid-back style of “Taking The Sun” and the brilliant “Earnest.”

My favorite track is the tongue-in-cheek “Blueberry Song” which is a crawlingly poppy song that almost sounds like a theatrical performance piece with a mandolin rhythm. She wrote the song for her daughter before she was much bigger than a blueberry. “I am a great sleeper / Oh how I wish it were a sport. Oh, Oh. I am a great sleeper / And my bed it is the court. Oh Oh.”

The echoing sounds of “Quiet Hours” completes Tiny Truths.

One thing of note that isn’t music related is the beautiful album art. For me it became even more impressive when I learned Shirley designed it herself. Apparently in addition to being a powerful singer and songwriter she is an accomplished graphic designer

I was not able to find out where she plays next, but I hope to check her out live at some point. Keep tabs on her at

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