August 25, 2010

Week 50a: Woolgather - Disenchantment EP

(This is week 50a of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks Project) 
“Now I’ve said too much / You’re wearing your soul like a burden.” – Per Se

Disenchantment EP

What’s in a name? Woolgather. I had to see what that meant. After a bit of help from my friend “Mr. Google” I learned that the term refers to the act of idle daydreaming.

Not a bad name for a band who has a progressive rock sound akin to Evanescence and a vocalist that reminds me of Maynard James Keenan (Tool).  The band is much more raw than those examples, though.

The three tracks that make up the Disenchantment EP are a nice introduction to the band. Upon writing this I realized that this is actually a 2007 release and they have since released a full-length in Nov 2009 (Programmes, Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle) and plan on releasing a new album entitled Programmes: Vol. II - The Reality Principle at some point in the near future.

So… why am I reviewing this?  Well… a few months ago I was encountering another late night on Red River in Austin and I popped into the Red Eyed Fly for last call and to see how the night turned out. I met one of the members of Woolgather and he handed me this EP.

The EP is a sonic adventure that flows with a kind of ambient and haunting feel throughout. It’s a three-song 26-minute effort as the shortest song comes in close to nine minutes. “Kite” kicks things off with a Heart “Baracuda” baseline backing up a crawling Alice In Chains vocal delivery (think “Rooster”).  “Shuttle” keeps the rhythm going with a soft electric guitar flow.  The final track “Per Se” completes the three-song journey. 

Now that I do some research, I find their 2009 release Programmes, Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle is available as a free download at  Find them online at or Facebook or MySpace.

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very good coverage. thanks very much for this!