January 7, 2010

Week 18 - Adrian and the Sickness - B.F.D.

(This is Week 18 of my 52 Austin CD Reviews in 52 Weeks. See the first 17 here.)

Adrian and the Sickness
Fantom Records

From second one of “Modern Freedom,” the first track of B.F.D., by Austin’s Adrian and the Sickness, they musically kick down the door and throw you up against the wall.

Led by the dreadlocked Adrian Conner, this all-female power trio has been trudging through the muck and the mire of the Austin scene for a half a decade. Somewhere along the line the band caught the ear of a member of one of the most famous all-female bands - Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go’s. Valentine produced B.F.D. and it does not disappoint.

On this release the band easily walks the line from an in-your-face punk sound with shredding guitars (“Rice and Beans,” “Not Sure”) to a friendly and fun pop feel (“Listening,” “Talk To Me”). The Valentine influence is very apparent in the latter.

I like the Adrian-A-Go-Go’s sound of the lighter stuff, but I’ve got to say, they shine the brightest when Conner’s guitar work is able to be at the forefront. Songs like “What Ya Do To Me” and “Turn It Up” should be played at high volume. Preferably in a residential area (Yes.. that’s a Dr. Dre line. It just fit here). And if you can’t get into their cover of Golden Earring’s “Radar Love” you should just turn the radio to the talk station and give up on music altogether.

My favorite track on B.F.D. is the Led Zeppelin-esque “Loser.” Musically it’s a great jam and lyrically it’s the classic tell-off song. “Did I tell you that I really don't give a care? / Your game is old / come and yell at me if you dare. / You will it’s your way / I cannot wait / until I never ever see your face.”

Obviously I’m digging B.F.D. The vocal harmonies rock, the musicianship is great, and the songs meld well together. I’m actually kicking myself for not catching them live yet. I hear their show is amazing. If it’s half as enjoyable at this CD, it’ll totally be worth the cover.

Adrian and the Sickness is Conner (Vocals/Guitar), Heather Webb (Bass), and  Melodie Zapata (Drums). They play Ruta Maya this Friday with Darling New Neighbors. Can’t make that show? Check out their website to find out more about them and see where they play next - http://www.adrianrocks.com/.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the wonderful review ... Adrian and the Sickness are just coming off there 2010 B.F.D Spring tour and it was great ... The Latest news is their opening for
The Go-Go's July 26 in Dallas ... It's kind people like yourself that helped make it happen ... thank you ...