September 16, 2009

INsite Night - Love At War (CD Release) w/ The Soldier Thread and Both Feet

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INsite Night - Love at War CD RELEASE!! w/ The Soldier Thread & Both Feet!

WHEN: Thu. 09/24 | 7:00PM
WHERE: Antone's, 213 W 5th St map

INsite Night Poster

Love At War:
From writer/producer Dwight Baker (Kelly Clarkson, Bob Schneider,
Alpha Rev, Halifax, and more) comes the newest sound to hit American
music. Love at War is a symbol for what we all go through, the ins and
outs of our relationships. The songs reflect the moments that define
these times. Look for the self-titled EP to hit stores soon, and don't
forget to listen for the new single "Sideways" on your favorite radio
station this summer!

Photo by Randy Cremean
There is a fragility coating the sweeping songs of The Soldier
Thread; it’s scrawled on every measure and delicately interwoven with
each chilling harmony. It’s a sound that creeps into the room with a
wispy ambiance, allowing for a tangible vulnerability. But suddenly,
each calculated melody comes crashing together, and the dynamic shifts.
The sound begins to swell with a vibrant chorus, and the fragility
gives way into something more powerful, more meaningful. For The
Soldier Thread, this comes as second nature. For the rest of us, it
comes as breathtaking.

Two guys from Alaska mix musical sounds from past generations into a
fresh style that connects with today’s listeners. Their original music
is strong, full of life and passion, making their stage presence and
energy infectious. The guys love to play music steeped in traditional
blues, as well as blending sounds of early R&B, hip-hop, funk,
reggae and good old Southern style Rock-n-Roll. Their set is a
combination of original material that not only makes you sit up and
listen, but will make you want to get up and dance.

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