July 7, 2009

The Story of Paul - Granger Smith

Paul Tocco is a six year old boy in Denver, Colarado who has retinal blastoma (cancer of the eye).

His family used to live in my neighborhood, Plum Creek, in Kyle, Texas. They moved a couple of years ago when Paul's dad was transferred. I never had a chance to meet the family, but another of my former neighbors, Dax Middlebrooks, let me know about Paul and his family.

Anyhow.. Paul was going through his 30th surgery last week... and his mom asked Austin-based country musician Granger Smith if he'd send something autographed, since the family are huge fans.

Granger's new album, Don't Listen To The Radio drops July 14. But, instead of dealing with that... Granger did something much more. Watch the YouTube video.

I totally want to interview Granger Smith now. He is obviously good people... and he's got some really good music too.

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Dax said...

Thanks for putting this out there, Sean. I am sure the Tocco's will appreciate it.