September 10, 2008

Inflamed Birthmark and The Flaming Lips

Yesterday was one of those days that reminded me I was a parent. Not that I forget that I have two amazing kiddos, but as things go... I like to concentrate on the positive things about parenting. Jamming with Marlee (4) to the Rockland Eagles, watching Harper (1) careen into people like one of the cars when we were at the Spicewood Demolition Derby, and the many kisses and hugs I receive each day.

But yesterday was one of those "hard" parenting days. Those who know Mar Mar are probably aware that she has had a bump on her leg since birth. We always referred to it as her "birthmark" and over the years we've had doctors look at it... and nobody seemed concerned about it. It would get bigger... and smaller... and sometimes hurt... but most times it wouldn't bother her at all.

We tried to have it removed about a year ago, but Mar Mar wasn't having any of it (the story goes that 3 nurses, 1 doctor and my wife couldn't hold her down), so it remained. Well, recently it grew to about the size of a nickle.. and became a shiny black/brown/gray. It was bothering her, so we decided it was time for it to be removed. The dermatologist that we'd visited before didn't have an immediate appointment available so my wife made an appointment at the new Vitalogy Skin Care in San Marcos for Mar Mar.

Very, Very impressed. We walked in and there was a really comfortable office space... big chairs, a table... only a couple magazines, and the best thing... FREE DRINKS AND SNACKS. OK... not the best thing.. but free stuff is way up there.

Actually... the best thing was the fact that the doctor, Dr. Eric Adelman was a goofy, goofy man. Which was extremely good for the 4 year old on the table who was amazingly afraid. He also did a fantastic job talking to me and Jodie outside the door when he explained what was going on.

Something that isn't the norm for doctors, it seems. Bedside manner. I understand it isn't something that you learn in med school. Well.. Dr. Adelman has it down. He's also a Mohs micrographic surgeon, for what that's worth (we certainly hope we never have to use that service...or you either).

He walked into the room, the conversation went something like this:

Dr. Adelman: Hey.. WHOA WHAT'S THAT?
Mar Mar: My birthmark
Dr. Adelman: DUDE... that's neat. I need to have that.
Mar Mar: I want to keep it.
Dr. Adelman: No way, I'm totally taking that.
Mar Mar: ...
Dr. Adelman: You know what? I'm going to draw on it.
Mar Mar: *laughs*

It went on like that for a few minutes. Mar Mar was really scared, but I'm so proud at how brave she was. The assistants were awesome too... talking about their kids and making sure Mar Mar was as comfortable as possible. She even got a doughnut and a lemonade (remember... free snacks). After the operation Mar Mar got to pick between pink or purple sticky-gauze stuff to put on her leg.

The "cutting" itself is another matter... there's about $.25 hole in her leg where the "birthmark" used to be.. and we've yet to unwrap the bandage to take a look. I guess we better call the office there to find out just how to treat it (something Jodie probably already has done... I write blogs.. she actually finds out information).

The time the doctor walked in and the operation was done was only about 30 minutes.

Oh...Another reason I decided to write this... well... when Dr. Adelman walked in, I thought it was Wayne Coyne, the lead singer of The Flaming Lips.

Let me give you a visual... The Flaming Lips photo is by

Flaming Lips Press Photo by J. Michelle Martin
This is a press photo of The Flaming Lips by J. Michelle Martin (linked from the Flaming Lips Website)

This is a photo I found on of the grand opening of Vitalogy Skin Care from August 2008.
Can you find the Doctor I speak of?

Awesome... eh?

So... thanks Dr. Adelman and the fine folks at Vitalogy Skin Care in San Marcos for making a very scary experience... not so scary.

We will hear back soon what the results of the birthmark's biopsy... so if you could do us a solid and say a few words of prayer for Marlee and us... it'd be appreciated.


James Taylor said...

"I can't say too many good things about this place." - I totally read that the wrong way. ;)

And my family's prayers are with you guys. If there's anything we can do for you, please don't hesitate to contact me.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Thanks James.

Yeah.. it's hard to have inflection in text... I was a little emotional when I wrote it too...

Perhaps I should go back and clarify.

diy revolution said...

I've been meaning to read this since yesterday. Glad to know Mar Mar is OK. You wouldn't be doing your most important job of being a dad if you weren't worried about her. Oh - and Dr. Adelman seems cooler than wayne Coyne.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

UPDATE: There was nothing wrong... the doctor said that 9 times out of 10 it would be something... but in this case it wasn't anything more than an inflamed mole. Thank God.