April 29, 2008

My rant on YouTube Users

I've gotten away from my old blog-style of writing columns... so I thought I'd pop off a little.

I know... it's all the rage. Everyone has seen a funny little youtube Video... and there are some great ones out there... If you've got a moment or three to kill...I implore you to search for "Flea Market Montgomery" or the classic "Numa Numa" but c'mon folks... you DO realize that ANYONE can see the things you post, right? Every little uninformed opinion you have is now available for public consumption. Well... not immediately. You have to actually record it and upload it. It amazes me that some of these folks can figure out how to press record on a camera... let alone upload it to YouTube.

From someone smoking pot to a kid blowing up a mailbox to a kid mad at his dad. It's amazing.

If you don't already know it, this kind of stuff follows you. Here's a little hint to people looking for a job... employers can look you up. Employers DO look you up. Your parents can look you up. Your teachers can look you up. The POLICE can look you up. Get a clue.

How would you like to see this guy sitting across from you in a job interview?:

Then there's folks that complain about their current jobs... Applied Research intern, or Kentucky Fried Chicken, or just a guy the bitches about himself screwing up and forgetting he volunteered to come in early on his his manufacturing job.

This ain't smart folks.

Think before you YouTube.

Now here's something I've YouTubed... and Yes I got the band's permission to post it. Enjoy Mike Truth and the Replacement Killers performing at Texas Rockfest in Austin. (Some adult language).

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