October 6, 2006

Five Years of Mr. and Mrs. Claes

Five Years of Mr. and Mrs. Claes • 10/06/06.


On October 6, 2001 my wife and I walked down the aisle.... actually... she walked down the aile.. I just walked back with her. Anyway...Here's a little trip down memory lane...

Five years ago Jodie Lee Boysen and Sean William Claes were joined at the last-name. We'd been joined at the hip ever since we started dating in December of 1998. I've never met another person who can finish my thought, share my dreams, comfort me, and keep me going like Jodie. I've been a blessed man for the last five years and I hope to be blesssed for another 75.

We were married at the First United Methodist Church in San Marcos, Texas

We honeymooned in Gruene, Texas where we danced to The Derailers and left during their song "There Goes The Bride."

We've been through many changes in the last five years, but one thing that has never changed is the love I feel for my wife. I love you darlin'.

Let's do lunch.

p.s.: to anyone who's reading this: I hope you like our custom-made monogram. It really helps to have an amazing and award winning graphic designer as an even more amazing friend. He designed this for our wedding program. Click the monogram to go to Rolando Murillo's Website... he's also the one who designed the seanclaes.com logo (the camera inkwell).

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