August 4, 2006

Updates to seanclaesDOTcom

Updates to Sean Claes DOT com

I've just had a chance to update my site with some of the things I've been writing and shooting for the last month.

Find everything online at:

Kevin Smith - Clerks II
Kevin Fowler - Plays 2 Nights in Austin in August
Birds Barbershop - Austin's New Rock n' Roll Barbershop

Entertainment Photogrpahy:
Loss Rayne @ The Dirty Dog
Reel Big Fish @ The BackRoom
Big Blue Hearts @ The Gibson Guitar Showroom

CD Reviews:
Alteza - Mexico to Texas
Ryan T. Briggs - Let It Roll
The Dog Waggers - Chasin' Tales
The Flying Club - Far and Away
Freebleeder - Drink and Destroy
Jenny Hollub - Decide.
Tom Petty - Highway Companion
Plane of Existence - Kinetic
Slayer - Christ Illusion
Smile and Nod - The Ties
Various Artists - Texas Unplugged Volume 2
Various Artists - Cow Hear This 3
Various Artists - Blues Guitar Women
Hank Williams III - Straight To Hell

I also have a MySpace Account.

Visit the Sean Claes Archives for material I've done in the past or to simply say hello… it also doubles as my messageboard.

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