August 8, 2006

Patrice Pike on Rock Star: Supernova

Austin Rocks...
That's not new news... let's support our local in Rock Star: Supernova.

Patrice is now one of TV's Top 10 Rockers!

We need all you fans and other supporters to vote for her as often as
Fans like you have the ability to keep her on the show and slaying the
judges with killer performances for 10 more weeks.

Tune in to the show, vote frequently (voters have more than two hours
after the show) and tell your friends.

"Rock Star: Supernova"
The Tommy Lee Project
CBS Summer Series

Tuesday Performances/8 p.m. CDT, August 8
Wednesday Eliminations/7 p.m. CDT, August 9

Catch all the show performances, view new photos of Patrice and post

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Anonymous said...

Sorry Sean, but we've been way over Little Sister Seven for some time now. I appreciate cheerin' for the home team and all, but this (like MTV's "Real World") is frankly a disappointing exhibition of Austin's creative charms.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Who is the collective "we" that you are talking about? I'm guessing you forgot to "log in" so it wasn't annonymous.

I watched tonight... and I think Patrice is a little "over the top" on the show.. and I don't quite get it since I've seen her quite a few times live and I never got that from her...

I don't think comparing her to "MTV's Real World" is quite fair... Real World took strangers not from Austin and put them in stereotypical Austin 6th Street situations... which was pretty unimpressive. Patrice is singing well... and kicking some ass.

I just wish she'd look a little bit more "real" than she's been coming off...

salinaslider said...

Over the top??? If anything she's underwhelming - she doesn't "sell" her performances at all. It's not lack of talent - she's got everything it takes. But she's bringing the stage presence of a mellow long set in a coffee shop instead of a one-two punch in a rock show.

Besides, could she be choosing worse songs? Every song is just like the others... no wonder she gets dinged for her performances being all the same. Makes me wonder if she really knows her own strengths and weaknesses. She doesn't exactly showcase herself. It's too bad cuz she has the talent.

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Well... the blog was a week ago.. Oddly... I don't think she's trying anymore. Hell.. she is completely above being in a competition to front that band. She's playing the Austin City Limits Music Festival for chrissakes... - Here's the band she was the singer for 10 years ago. Awesome band... had a hit with a song called "This The Trip" - here's her homepage. That Blackbox Rebellion CD is great.

She's awesome onstage.. the last third of the Hole song she did last night was more like her than I've seen in the entire show.

That said... she's going to go home next week. Which sucks... but she's not right for the band and she hasn't been tapped as one of the standouts for the show anyhow.

She's like an extra in Rockstar: Supernova.