February 24, 2011

Week 23: Check Your Music

Sound Off!

In case I haven’t mentioned it enough. You need to know that all of the promotions in the world aren’t going to do you a bit of good if you put out an inferior product. What this means is, if you aren’t putting out music that people like, you’re going to go nowhere.

Old Spice has doubled its sales since that great 'the man your man could smell like,' commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa came out. That’s great. But when people realize it’s the same Old Spice they hated 2 years ago I’ll bet the sales figures will plummet. 

Maybe it’s my personal preference against Old Spice here…. Maybe I’m totally wrong (for Old Spice I hope I am). But, the point you should take from this is, if your band isn’t good… no amount of positive publicity is going to change that fact. Sure, you may have a shining moment that propels you to stardom for a second.. but if you're product can't back you up...you’re going to crash and burn.

Here’s what I want you to do. Listen to your music. I mean, really listen to it. Is it something that SHOULD be heard by people all over the world or not?

It’s a simple question.

You know what the answer is… even if you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

If the answer is no… but it makes YOU happy and that’s all that matters…. that’s fine. Some music is not meant to be for a mass audience. If you aren’t interested in promoting your music or your band… cool. You don’t need to be reading this column.

If the answer is no and you are not pleased with it either… time to make changes. Good luck.

I'm going to end here today... there really isn't much else to say on this matter.  

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