February 2, 2009

Best/Worst Super Bowl Ads - My opinion.

*throws his hat into the ring*
Everyone else is doing it... so why don't I?

Here it is. I actually watched the GAME this year and it was a damn good game. Me being a HUGE Steelers fan made it that much better... so I missed a lot of the ads. BUT... thanks to the computer... I can see them all here: http://superbowlads.fanhouse.com/. You can too.

Here's my favorite ad, my favorite "it won't sell a thing" ad, my favorite "this may actually sell something" ad, and my least favorite.
I'm ruling out the movie ads... although I know a few folks wet their pants (or dropped a "captain's log") when they learned that Star Trek is going to come out with a new movie... anyhow... I'm going to concentrate on folks peddling services.

My Favorite Ad - E-Trade Babies
"Take... these broken wings!" Nice. Not sure if this is going to do anything... because I'm still totally unsure what E-Trade does other than, well..."trade electronically"... but I'm digging the entertainment.

Favorite "Won't Sell A Thing" Ad - Teleflora
Yeah... I'm not going to pick up flowers.. at all.. this year. Sorry Teleflora. Love the ad though. You probably should have attacked a different Valentine's Day gift... not the one you're peddling.

Favorite "It's gonna work" ad - DENNY'S
Free Grand Slam? Meet you at Denny's.

My least favorite: TIE - Doritos "Bus" and Bridgestone "Moon Dancers"
I'm all about Doritos, but this ad is just plain dumb. Dumb ditty ditty dumb. Dumber than the stupid "MC Hammer is selling his Gold" ad... for sure.

OK.. this ad says to me... Buy Bridgestone if you want to have your tires stolen. How much you want to bet someone is going to make some foolish "illegal aliens stealing tires" comment?

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