June 16, 2007

Less Musketeers needed...

It sounded good... in concept.

So, the other morning I was on my way to work and I had to stop and gas up the truck. Gas is up over $3 now so I thought, as long as I'm spending over $48 on gas, I deserve to have some breakfast. So, I wandered into the store to find something that was breakfasty. The problem with looking for breakfast at a gas station is, unless it's a fancy one (and this one was anything but fancy) you aren't going to find anything other than coffee and little chocolate do-nuts.

So I wandered through the store, past the newspapers, bin of beer on ice (it was 7:15a.m. you know), and vaious jerkeys and chips looking for something that said breakfast to me. Having finding nothing, I took a look at the beverages. A breakfast drink.. that's what I'd get. That Starbucks ice coffee thing was like $27.00 so I browsed elsewhere until I found what looked like the best drink ever.

The Three Musketeers breakfast drink. PERFECT! I love 3 Musketeers, and I love breakfast. It's the best of both worlds. So I bought it. I paid for it and wandered out and jumped in my newly gassed up truck and headed to work. I shook up this bottle that I thought was filled with liquid genius and opened it up.

It was crunchy. I thought I'd thought I hadn't shaken it up enough.. so I closed it up and did it again. Nope... crunchy. It was like they took 1/2 the bottle and filled it with powdered Three Musketeers, 1/4 of it filled with powdered milk and 1/4 water... Crunchy liquid.

So, please be warned, if you buy this bottle... buy a pint of milk to dilute it into in order to make it drinkable.
I'll go ahead and skip the middle man and just buy a candy bar next time. It's not breakfasty... but hell.. it's edible.

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