November 20, 2006

Every now and then a comic will cross my path that I think is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time... This is one of them, from

Now.. I grew up on Metallica.. and I'd like to think Metallica kind of grew up with me... but St. Anger... man... I can't defend that. I hope they come out with something that knocks everyones socks of next... Something with the venom of Ride The Lightening and the power of "One." Bridge the gap for us Metallica... please?


Anonymous said...

to who ever made this cartoon. YOU'RE A COMPLETE IDIOT. Everything Metallica has made has been a master peice from Kill 'em All up to St. Anger. and you call yourself a Metallica fan, no Metallica fan would diss Lars like you did.


SeanclaesDOTcom said...

FYI... there was an Anonymous answer on 5/10/11 to this comment... and I won't post it (for language reasons)... but let's just say that they think MetFan is off base.

So.. MetFan... I'm glad you're passionate about Metallica... but in all reality... MOST people who have been on board with Metallica since the beginning will find this comic pretty funny... and true.