June 29, 2006

Who Has Two Thumbs and Just Got Back From Vacation?

*sticks thumbs at self*
This Guy.

OK... for those who don't follow my world (you ought to be ashamed.. I'VE GOT A FAN CLUB) I've been out visiting family at Port Aransas, Texas for the last few days. It was a great time, thanks for asking.

So,What was the soundtrack to my vacation?
AKA.. what did I listen to you ask?

Darrell Scott - The Invisible Man
Darrell Scott
Released on Tuesday June 27, 2006, this is the 6th album for the uncomparable Darrell Scott. You simply have to get this one. Now. His Aloha From Nashville is one of my two "desert island" albums (I always thought that was a funny thing too... where would you play these great albums on a desert island?).

Sandra Boynton - Dog Train
Dog Train
When you've got a 2 year old... and want to hear some great music... Sandra Boynton stuff is amazing. Usually it's just her and a wacky cast of folks singing... but on this one she has artists like John Popper, The Spin Doctors, Weird Al, Allison Krauss... the list goes on. I actually prefer her earlier CD/Book release The Philidelphia Chicken to this one, but there's no stopping the Dog Train.

Autumn - Sugarcane
When we arrived home, Autumn Bouakadakis' Sugarcane was in my mailbox, so I can't really say it was part of the soundtrack to my vacation, but while I was listening to it on the way to dropping off my daughter to daycare this morning (kind of odd feeling...since Autumn was actually on the radio at the same time doing her part in the JB & Sandy Morning show... so I listened to Autumn sing instead of talk in essence) my little girl said "I like this song daddy" to #4 on the disk... a slow song called "When It Don't Come Easy." She told me I liked it too... and she's right.

Oh... also the July issue of INsite hits stands tomorrow. Pick one up... We've got Jennifer Aniston on the cover and a whole lot of gooey goodness inside.

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