April 10, 2006

I run sound for God....

I've always wanted to learn how to run a sound board... being an entertainment writer and loving to be around music, I thought..what better way to get involved than by helping make the sound work better... so when the music director at my church announced last Sunday that she needed someone interested in running the sound for the church I jumped at the chance. Now, this is just a small step. The church had a capacity of about 120 and the choir is about 10 people on a good day.... but hey... I'm sure Phil Spector got his start at a church... right?

Last night I went to the first choir practice. I got used to the sound board and found that my main job would be to "press play" on the CD player for the big Easter service choir recital. Then make sure no feedback happens and the music doesn't overpower the choir... easy enough. I did it in about 2 minutes and I had time to sit and think.

I've been an entertainment writer for over 10 years. It's part of my "job" to listen to bands and dissect lyrics but I'd never done that for church music...

I started to listen to the words of the music. Wow... I know it sounds odd, but I never thought of "church music" as something with amazing lyrical content. I grew up singing "Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me" but I never thought about the meaning... it was just something that I did. Going through the motions I guess. I mean I've got my faith in God and we have a relationship that is special to me but I hadn't sat back and listened to the words before.

One of the lyrics that blew me away in particular was "And though He taught me how to live/ I'm the one who taught Him how to die / And I'm the one to blame /I caused all His pain /He gave Himself the day He wore my crown"
(From "The Day He Wore My Crown")

Wow... I'm 33 years old and before yesterday I don't think I really understood the meaning behind Easter. It's easy to say "Jesus died for my sins." But when you think about it it's an amazing thing... here's this person who I've never met in the flesh who lived before I was even a concept of a life and he died for me.

I guess it's easy for skeptics to dismiss this thought... I never dismissed it, but I never thought about it either. last night I thought about it. It amazed me.

So, I'm the sound man for God. If you'd like to come to the Kyle United Methodist Church next Sunday you can see me work. Maybe you'll hear something you'd never heard before. Hopefully not feedback...The choir sounds amazing and that's not because of me pressing a button.

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