September 28, 2005

What was missing from ACL

I just realized what was missing from the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Deep-Fried-On-A-Stick stuff. Where was all the carnie/festival food? Yeah... I had an excellent steak sandwich from Hoffbrau and awesome fries from Waterloo and great tea from Sweet Leaf... but was there anything on a stick? Fried shrimp, chicken, corndog, sniker bars? anything? I missed it if it was there. I guess I'll have to go to the Renaissance Festival for my fill of festival-fried-on-a-stick.

Just an observation.


Anita Bier said...

I forgot about the food. Spent all I had on the beer!

SeanclaesDOTcom said...

Beer, beer, beer, beer, beer,beer, beer, beer...

Beer, beer, beer , beer.. We love beer.

(Asylum Street Spankers lyrics don't come off so well in text.)